This group, which began its activity in the early 90’s, originally focused its attention on basic research lines related to Speech Recognition and Forms Recognition. As an evolution of this initial nucleus, the PROLETHA group subsequently emerged and, starting in 1998, it was established as a recognized group within the Department of Information Technology under the name included in this application: ECA-SIMM. Since 1998, the group’s objectives cover the real lines of activity of the members and their collaborators. A special emphasis is placed on technology transfer activities and this justifies the agreements that, even on a small scale, have been established with external entities for development and innovation activities in the area of interest of the group (Cortes de Castilla y León and School of Public Administrations).

In summary, the group is constituted as a nucleus of researchers interested in Research, Development and Innovation in one of the following areas:

  • Human-Machine Interaction: Human-Computer Interaction Systems. Dialog Systems Speech Language Technologies. Voice Recognition and Synthesis. Automatic Recognition of Announcer. Computational Prosody. Mobile and ubiquitous computing.
  • Graphic techniques: Virtual reality interfaces. Multimodal interaction with graphic environments.
  • Biometrics: Biometric identification and verification techniques.

In the section of methodologies and techniques, the group has proven experience and is interested in the problems of statistical recognition of forms, using connectionist, stochastic and symbolic systems.

The fundamental objectives are:

  • Development of new algorithms and automatic learning techniques applicable to problems of automatic recognition of forms, of interest.
  • Development of systems demonstration systems that illustrate the possibilities of the latest advances in technology of human-computer interaction.
  • Transfer of results to companies and corporations that can improve their competitive position by incorporating innovative technologies in the field of specialization of the group.
  • Lines of investigation
  • Speech Language Technologies.
  • Human Computer Interaction Systems multimodal.
  • Biometric Identification and Verification Techniques.
  • Graphic and virtual reality techniques.



  1. eMail: eca-simm [at], eca.simm.uva [at] gmail {punto} com
  2. Phone: +34 983 18 5601